Staff & Asset Tracker

Why you should use it?

Real time, seamless location monitoring of select individuals, vehicles or other valuable assets via an intuitive dashboard. It works efficiently both indoors and outdoors, with amazing accuracy.

Tracker enables you to quickly locate, monitor, track and communicate with key personnel. Deploy it for staff members and VIPs to enhance response times, increase service levels and help to optimise the overall event experience.

  • Pinpoint exactly where individuals or assets are currently located, or were at any given time during your event.
  • Deliver increased response rates for customer inquiries or incidents on site.
  • Keep tabs on the whereabouts of select individuals and provide a premium level of service.
  • Avoid losing valuable assets and opportunities on site.

How it works

Key Features

  • Monitor location of people and assets via maps and dashboard visualisations utilising your attendees as the mobile sensor network.

  • Unlimited number of tags.

  • Accurate to sub 5m (subject to environmental factors).

  • Immediate replay of precise positions for any time or incident.

  • Storage of trajectory histories enabling rich post-event analytics.

  • Facility to message individuals/groups (in-app or SMS) based on current or historic location.

A hugely cost effective way for you to accurately keep track of the people and assets that really matter at your venue.