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Why choose Crowd Connected's Indoor Positioning Solution?

Quick to evaluate

The first indoor positioning solution that allows you to sign up, configure, and download an app from the app store to evaluate the technology for free in a day.


Indoor and outdoor positioning that continually self-calibrates using machine learning so it always works, with no fingerprinting or manual calibration.


Works with any iBeacon or Eddystone protocol battery-powered beacons, from any manufacturer. The resulting TCO is lower than alternatives like Cisco DNA Spaces.

Background Data

Background data capability powers not only wayfinding, but also location analytics and customer experience in a single platform.

Mapping Support

Quick and simple, or fully-featured indoor maps. You choose.

  • Built-in floorplan tool allows uploading and scaling bitmap images. Extremely quick, with no geo-referencing required.
  • Deep integrations with MapsPeople and Mazemap. Just enter an API key to enable Crowd Connected to access your floorplans.
  • IMDF feature allows maps from Mappedin, Point Maps and Visioglobe to be easily imported to Crowd Connected.
Importing maps into the Crowd Conencted console
Importing maps into the Crowd Conencted console
No Calibration

Indoor positioning with no calibration or fingerprinting

  • Requires low-cost battery-powered Bluetooth beacons (around 1 per 100m2)
  • Lower TCO than other solutions like Cisco DNA Spaces
  • No calibration or fingerprinting required. Uses machine learning to self-calibrate when the environment changes
  • Beacon management tools include ‘last seen’, battery-level reporting and coverage predictions.
Visualising beacon coverage in the Crowd Conencted console
Visualising beacon coverage in the Crowd Conencted console

Heatmaps and charts answer all the key location analytics questions out of the box.

  • Heatmaps for near-real-time situational awareness.
  • Mark up your maps with any number of regions. Add the start and end time of any specific events.
  • Device counts and dwell time charts for regions and events allow you to understand how users navigate your space.
Viewing charts in the Crowd Conencted console
Viewing charts in the Crowd Conencted console

Built-in push notification service for sophisticated geo-targeting.

  • Multiple message carriers supported including AWS Pinpoint, AWS SNS, APNS, Expo, FIrebase, OneSignal and Pushwoosh.
  • Target any behavioural segment based on where users have been, or not been, in what order, and for how long.
Indoors and Out

A single SDK for every geolocation use case, indoors and out.

  • Works across multiple buildings, multiple floors, indoors and out.
  • Set any app-install identifier, allowing Crowd Connected’s outputs to be easily mapped to other datastores.
  • Limit background data collection to specific places and times. Avoiding background data collection unless users are on your site is required for best-practice privacy management.
Using a mobile app for navigation at an exhibition
Using a mobile app for navigation at an exhibition

APIs and Exports

  • Access analytics and audience segments via API, to build sophisticated location-awareness into your own systems, or integrate with third-party platforms.
  • Export key analytics results as CSV to import into any analytics tool, from excel to PowerBI and Tableau.
  • Stream entry and exit events for every device and every region to your own endpoint, to process in real-time.
Complex code for making mobile apps location aware
Complex code for making mobile apps location aware

We’ve been using the Crowd Connected SDK in our apps for over five years, and during that time we’ve had very few issues. When we do need support, Crowd Connected has always been incredibly responsive.

David de Bels

Technical Director, CM-APPMIRAL

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