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How to maximise audience insight from your app

This joint publication with Wonderful Copenhagen uses case-studies to demonstrate the power of mobile data for event organisers.

Customer Insight

Gathering customer behavioural data is easy in the digital domain. From marketing responses to clicks and transactions. But if you're a physical business, there's often a data gap. Crowd Connected provides a complete understanding of your customers' on-premises behaviour.

Colocator Engage Product Update

‘Engage’ is our push notification targeting platform, built for live events and visitor attractions. 2019 sees some significant enhancements, available to all our customers.

Location Data has a place, but don’t expect it to provide context

Context is a popular topic in marketing. But Contextual Marketing is getting confused with Proximity Marketing. Here's why proximity - what you’re near right now - doesn’t necessarily provide context.

Click through rates hide the true impact of marketing

Mobile marketing notification campaigns are often measured using open rates. This is not only a hugely simplistic measure, but also a one-sided one. Someone opened the message - but how did their behaviour change?

Contextual marketing and footfall analytics need background location data

The first question you should ask about any indoor positioning or location service - Does it work in background? Your customers' phones spend a lot of time in their pockets.

Damaging Effects of Push Notifications

There's a hidden cost of getting it wrong when it comes to using mobile push notifications at events. Our location data has clearly shown negative responses lasting days.

Crowd Connected Launches Enhanced Location Intelligence Platform

May 2017 – New version of multi-award winning Colocator software includes leading geo-behavioural segmentation capability, already deployed across multiple customers.

The Truth About Location And Proximity

There’s been a lot of questionable commentary recently on the hot topic of beacons, proximity, and location. Some of it downright misleading.

How Best to Handle The Always-On Consumer

With smartphone penetration in Western Europe predicted to reach 67% the population by 2018 it’s obvious that we live in an always-on world. By 2020 there will be 7 times more connected devices than people in the world.

How to Successfully Weave Digital Into The World of Live Events

Increasingly the digital world intrudes into our physical existence. It’s intrusion that’s not always welcome. An obvious response is to build fences. But it may not be a good one.