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Why is Indoor Location important?

Mobile apps for physical businesses need to be location aware

Mobile maps need to deliver a blue dot, in outdoor and indoor environments. Better indoor navigation on mobile devices means customers stay longer, and spend more money.

Geo-fencing and location-based services need to work perfectly indoors too, out of reach of global positioning systems.

Indoor location, indoor tracking and indoor mapping bring the power of geospatial inside.

About IPS Technologies

WiFi and infrastructure-free solutions don’t deliver.

An Indoor Positioning System (IPS) needs transmitters or sensors installed in a building.

You can use WiFi, but the results won’t be amazing. Sensor fusion isn’t possible to combine the WiFi signals with movement sensors, which is essential for accuracy.

You can use expensive technologies like UWB or Angle of Arrival.

But the best balance of price and performance is provided by Bluetooth beacons, which can be installed quickly and at low cost.

Sail Indoor Positioning

Sail is Crowd Connected’s IPS solution. You can sign up, configure, and download an app from the app store to evaluate the technology for free in a day.

The subscription based pricing model means no upfront payment, and no long-term commitment.

Our location software is trusted by global brands

Live Nation
Roskilde Festival
Transport for London

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Colocator UI showing WiFi RTT tests in the Crowd Connected offices

Wifi RTT Enabled Indoor Positioning Platform

An exciting milestone for Indoor Positioning. Wifi RTT is now fully integrated into Colocator, and we recently demonstrated end-to-end indoor positioning using Wifi RTT responders in our office.

Sail Indoor Positioning Logo

Sail Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning Solution that allows you to sign up, configure, and download an app to evaluate the technology for free in a day.

Indoor Positioning Tech Update 2021 with Sail logo

Indoor Positioning Tech Update 2021

2021 edition of our indoor positioning technology round-up. From WiFi RTT to Bluetooth Beacons and UWB, the pros and cons of each solution.