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Indoor Positioning

Unlike many indoor positioning solutions, our technology is designed to work continually, tracking users while apps are in ‘background’.

  • We use Bluetooth beacons, Wifi signal strengths, Wifi RTT and bluetooth signals between phones.
  • Location accuracies of around 10m are possible with minimal infrastructure (often a lightweight beacon installation, or even just existing wifi access points).
  • The cloud-based back end retains full location data histories as long as they are needed. Complex RTLS solutions can be easily built using real-time and query APIs.

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How location and beacon data analysis can mislead

Location and beacon data gathered from mobile phones is affected by sampling rate variation. Without correction, business analysis can be flawed. Here's what you need to know.

Android P has WiFi RTT indoor location. But when will Cisco and Aruba switch on the signals?

Android Pie is now released, and one of the talked-about new features is ‘Wifi RTT’. But, it’s over to Cisco and Aruba to switch on the signals.

Contextual marketing and footfall analytics need background location data

The first question you should ask about any indoor positioning or location service - Does it work in background? Your customers' phones spend a lot of time in their pockets.