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Indoor Positioning Solution

Sail is the first indoor positioning solution that allows you to sign up, configure, and download an app from the app store to evaluate the technology for free in a day.

It’s a new approach to indoor positioning, with a subscription based pricing model.

It uses the latest developments in machine learning to constantly reconfigure the system, removing the need for any fingerprinting or calibration.

How much does indoor positioning cost?

We don’t believe you should have to speak to sales to get a price. Our transparent, simple and low-cost pricing is right here, on our website.

Pricing is based on the Gross Internal Area (GIA) of the floorplans you cover using our system.

We offer two simple prices - a price per m2 for the indoor positioning engine, and a price per m2 for the complete platform including indoor positioning and cloud-based analytics, engagement and tracking solutions.

Start exploring Sail

Signup for a free account, and start exploring Sail. No payment or credit card required, and no expiry. The only limitation is a single floorplan.

Once you’ve submitted your details, you’ll get an email with your password and a login link. If you don’t receive it, add no-reply@crowdconnected.com to your contacts and check your spam folder.

Step 1


Sign up for free. Install 10 - 20 Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. Use the demo app to evaluate indoor navigation and measure accuracy. Sail is the only IPS that offers a fully self-service evaluation at no cost.

Step 2


Integrate the Sail SDK into your app, and provide Indoor Navigation to your visitors and customers. Use Sail’s built-in mapping, or use indoor maps from a third-party indoor mapping provider to add points of interst, routing and other features.

Step 3


Sail is fully integrated with Crowd Connected’s Analytics and Customer Experience tools. Start optimising the physical customer experience with precision.

Request a demo from our sales team

Indoor Mapping Integrations

Use built in floorplans, or integrations with leading indoor mapping providers.

Sail’s built in solution is quick and easy to use. Upload an image (png or jpeg). Scale it by drawing some lines on the plan. And use it both for beacon management and for blue-dot indoor navigation in mobile apps.

MapsPeople, Mazemap and Visioglobe are fully integrated as a replacement for built-in floorplans. By providing your API key, Sail can use your existing map for beacon management, analytics, geo-fencing and blue-dot navigation. No additional upload or floorplan setup is required.

IMDF import is also supported, allowing integration Mappedin and other providers with IMDF support.

Introduction and Getting Started Guide

Download this introduction and getting started guide for Sail Indoor Positioning.
Introduction and Getting Started Guide

Why is Indoor Location Important?

Mobile apps for real-world businesses need to be location aware.

Can your customers navigate your premises as easily as they navigate your website?

Is the customer experience in indoor environments as optimised and personalised as digital channels?

Indoor positioning technologies and indoor navigation systems are the first step towards a better customer experience.

And the addition of real time location analytics gives real-world businesses the data to optimise operations.

IPS Technologies

WiFi and infrastructure-free solutions don’t deliver.

Some WiFi systems offer location based services. But networks are designed for coverage, not for positioning accuracy. Accuracy and latency are often poor.

Some Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) advertise that they are ‘infrastructure free’. But this only applies under special circumstances. Not on all phones, and not in all environments.

Many IPS systems require fingerprinting, which involves using a smartphone to collect data from every location where positioning is required. It’s a time consuming process, which needs to be repeated when the environment changes.

Sail combines Bluetooth signals with inertial sensors on the phone to deliver navigation-level accuracy without the need for fingerprinting.

About Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons provide the right balance between cost, and effectiveness.

Sail works with any iBeacon or Eddystone protocol beacon, from any manufacturer.

The makes it simple and cheap to install the required beacons.

It also means that existing beacon installations can be leveraged to power Sail Indoor Positioning.

Although Sail works with any Bluetooth beacons, all beacons are not equal. We have extensively tested beacons from a small number of manufacturers, and can certify the best possible indoor positioning performance.

We currently certify Kontakt, Minew and Meeblue Bluetooth beacons for Indoor Positioning.

Our location software is trusted by global brands

Live Nation
Roskilde Festival
Transport for London

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