All large buildings need indoor navigation

Critical appointments

In hospitals, lost people lead to real inefficiency as well as anxiety. Hospitals could save up to $1 million per building by improving wayfinding.

Product location

Retailers are experiencing a 3-5% loss in revenue relating to unlocatable products. Help shoppers navigate your offer using indoor maps and indoor positioning.

Enhanced discovery

Exhibitions can deliver 20% more value to visitors and exhibitors by improving wayfinding and discovery, so that visitors are able to find all the exhibitors they're looking for.

Airport wayfinding

Up to 80% of delayed flights are due to passengers boarding late or not at all. And late flights cost the US economy $33 billion annually.

Our mapping integrations

We provide a simple built-in floorplan feature to upload bitmap plans. But your users need search nearby, dynamic routing, and constantly updated PoI data. We're tightly integrated with the leading indoor mapping providers

Why Crowd Connected

Mapping integrations

MapsPeople and Mazemap are fully integrated as a replacement for built-in floorplans. Just provide an API key to use your existing map for beacon management, analytics, geo-fencing and blue-dot navigation.

Mapping imports

IMDF import is supported, allowing integration with Mappedin, Point Maps, Visioglobe and other providers with IMDF support.


Indoor positioning works with any iBeacon or Eddystone protocol battery-powered beacons, from any manufacturer. The resulting TCO is lower than alternatives like Cisco DNA Spaces.

Analytics and customer experience built in

One single platform that not only provides navigation, but also includes location analytics and customer experience tools.

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