Say goodbye to taps, scans or check-ins

Our delegate tracking uses incredible new mesh networking technology from Wirepas. It delivers accurate tracking throughout your event using only low-cost battery powered beacons.

Simple Set Up

Consists of battery powered hardware with only one power and ethernet point for each floor of your event.

Pin Point Accuracy

View lists of attendance and dwell time for any session as it happens. Who saw what session when and for how long.

Affordable and Easy

Three step set up requiring no pre-event site visits, complex planning or onsite staff and technicians.

Happy Delegates

Create a seamless experience for your delegates by removing the traditional barriers and friction.

Read our case study to see the solution in action

Delegate Tracking Success Story on Medtech Summit
Delegate Tracking Success Story on Medtech Summit
No more scanning - How Informa Connect achieved accurate session attendance data and improved the delegate experience.

Affordable pricing for events of all sizes

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Why use Crowd Connected?

Quick install

Mesh beacons are battery-powered and long-life. They can be installed with the included self-adhesive. Cover 25,000 m2 in just 4 hours, requiring only a single gateway.

Whole site coverage

Many WiFi solutions will only cover part of the building. Our quick to install hardware easily extends wherever it's needed.


The battery powered, low cost mesh beacons required have a significantly lower TCO than competing solutions such as UWB or WiFi.


Accurate to a few meters, more than good enough for most tracking requirements.

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