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Customer Experience for the real-world

  • Gathering customer behavioural data is easy in the digital domain. But if you’re a physical business, there’s often a data gap.
  • Crowd Connected’s mobile sdk continually gathers location data from your app users - both on site and off site.
  • A complete suite of analytics tools, engagement tools and integrations allows you to understand and influence the customer experience.
Customer Experience for the real-world

Physical businesses face accelerated digital disruption.

Imagine if the physical experience was consistently better than the digital one. It would be worth the trip, every time.

Humans will always need to touch and feel products, meet other people and enjoy shared experiences. But they’ve come to expect the convenience and speed of digital.

If physical experiences were as easy to navigate, and as quick, convenient and accessible as digital ones, there would be no contest. It would be worth the trip, every time.

The Crowd Connected Solution

Indoor Navigation + Location Analytics + Customer data

Indoor wayfinding allows customers to discover what’s on offer and find what they’re looking for.

Location analytics allow you redesign your site, schedule your staff, and optimise your offering to the customers' needs.

Customer location data can enrich your CRM and trigger offers and suggestions in an omnichannel experience.


  • Segement customers with precise location rules. Target customers who have (or haven’t) been to certain locations at certain times.
  • Built-in push notification capability - send notifications via supported push notification providers to your target segment.
  • Integrate with your own systems - create an endpoint and receive callbacks whenever customers meet the segment rules.
  • Enrich your CRM. Receive every entry / exit event for every user, and use it to enrich your customer data.

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