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Wayfinding for Hospitals

According to Deloitte Digital, 30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost in hospitals.

In the US, cost-estimate analysis of Emory University Hospital found that wayfinding problems cost over $200,000 annually.

In the UK, missed outpatient appointments cost the NHS over £7 billion a year, and doctors attribute a significant fraction of this to navigation problems.

Wayfinding for Hospitals

Why consider mobile apps?

Existing signage and physical wayfinding solutions aren’t working.

That’s why 50% of patients in NHS hospitals have trouble getting where they need to be.

Mobile maps with a blue dot have become the standard outdoors. 97% of 18-14 year olds would feel stressed if their sat nav or map app stopped working. A generation of young people are bringing this expectation indoors.

A map without a blue dot is just a map. Using an indoor positioning system to add a blue dot results in a navigation solution that will help patients get to their appointments on time.

Sail Indoor Positioning

If you already have an indoor map, you need positioning to fully realise the benefits. We’ve made deploying and integrating positioning simpler than ever.

Sail is Crowd Connected’s IPS solution. You can sign up, configure, and download an app from the app store to evaluate the technology for free in a day.

The subscription based pricing model means no upfront payment, and no long-term commitment.