Learn how location-aware apps can transform healthcare operations

Better Navigation

30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost in hospitals. The resulting lost staff time can cost over $1 million per year for a single hospital.

Emergency Response

Respond to staff / patients / residents when they need help, using simple tracking technology.

Asset location

Reduce inventory by 30%, improve patient experience and save staff time by ensuring staff can always find key equipment quickly.

Asset loss

Significantly reduce asset wastage of up to 25% per annum using simple technology to alert staff when assets leave the building.

Why use Crowd Connected?

Step-by-step navigation

Digital wayfinding with blue-dot and step by step instructions is proven to be more effective and reduce anxiety compared to signage and static maps.

Whole site coverage

Many asset tracking or WiFi-based location platforms will only cover part of the building. Our quick-to-install hardware easily extends wherever it's needed.


The battery powered, low-cost beacons required for indoor positioning have a significantly lower TCO than competing solutions such as Cisco DNA Spaces.

A single platform

Bringing together wayfinding and asset tracking in a single platform makes 'Find my nearest available...' services easy to deliver and use.


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