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Data Fusion

Our positioning algorithm is able to combine multiple positioning techniques in real-time. Outdoors, GPS provides accurate location data, and operating system settings are configured dynamically to manage energy-efficiency. Indoors, a combination of wifi and bluetooth are used. Measurement of signals between phones running our SDK provides the final data input, allowing cooperative positioning.

Indoor Positioning

Our approach to indoor positioning is different. Data is gathered continually, while apps are ‘in the background’ and phones are in the pocket. Our technology was originally built for the live events market, which means it operates with a minimum of installation and configuration. Accuracy of a few metres is possible indoors, with a minimal beacon installation and no fingerprinting survey.

Data Storage

Once positions have been calculated, they are stored, in their original form, for as long as is needed. All subsequent analysis is performed on the original location data.

This means that user-defined regions of interest can be defined post-collection, and they will be included in any subsequent visualisation or analytics outputs.