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An open-architecture cloud-based service for mobile location data collection, storage, queries and triggers

  • A single SDK for GPS, beacons and WiFi.
  • Complete location histories stored.
  • Footfall data in real-time for operations and safety.
  • Queries for complex footfall insights.
  • Real-time triggers whenever an app user meets visit-based filter rules.
Powerful triggers and notifications

Powerful triggers and notifications

The flexibility of the messaging targeting opens up new types of services that deliver value directly to venue and site operators - like load-balancing. Push notifications don’t just have to be about marketing and user-experience. They can become a tool that physical businesses rely on to optimise their operations and revenues

Powerful triggers and notifications

Powerful footfall insights

Aggregating mobile location data to produce footfall insights is complex. But by relying on Colocator’s data processing pipeline to do that, a new value stream is unlocked. Data from apps doesn’t just have to be about digital interactions. It can help venue and site operators understand and manage their business.

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Colocator UI showing WiFi RTT tests in the Crowd Connected offices

Wifi RTT Enabled Indoor Positioning Platform

An exciting milestone for Indoor Positioning. Wifi RTT is now fully integrated into Colocator, and we recently demonstrated end-to-end indoor positioning using Wifi RTT responders in our office.

Background Location Data for Footfall Analytics

Background Location Data for Footfall Analytics

The first question you should ask about any indoor positioning or location service - Does it work in background? Your customers' phones spend a lot of time in their pockets.

Image showing a magnifying glass picking out a set of people from a crowd.

How location and beacon data analysis can mislead

Location and beacon data gathered from mobile phones is affected by sampling rate variation. Without correction, business analysis can be flawed. Here's what you need to know.