Why partner with Crowd Connected?

For mobile app developers

If you’re a mobile app developer, we can help make your apps location-aware. One SDK enables indoor and outdoor positioning, navigation, background-data gathering, analytics and location-targeted push notifications

For indoor mapping providers

Adding blue-dot capability to indoor maps adds value. We’ve designed our Indoor Positioning to be an easy add-on to your offering. Not only that, we offer analytics and customer experience solutions based on your maps.

For integrators and consultants

If you’re working on projects involving customer experience, asset tracking or wayfinding, we can help accelerate development with a location platform that was designed to be easily integrated.

For product vendors

Whether your product is for retail, theme parks, healthcare, events, education, security or another vertical, our platform can quickly add multiple location-aware features that truly make a difference to your users.


Some of our valued global partners

How we partner


As an integrator, you’re often more like a customer than a partner. But we recognise that integrators have particular needs. We can work with you to provide the right pricing, support and custom features.


We have a lightweight reseller agreement, and standard end-user T&C that you can pass through to customers. We provide you with the right sales and technical support so you can incorporate our solutions into your own processes.


Some of our valued partners simply refer business to us. We have a standard referral agreement that compensates partners for the business they bring.

White label

Our partners' customers often use our UI - it provides a very quick and easy route to launching location-aware services. But our APIs mean you can build every touch point into your own product.


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