ExpoFP selects Crowd Connected as exclusive ‘blue dot’ wayfinding partner

ExpoFP selects Crowd Connected as exclusive ‘blue dot’ wayfinding partner
24 Nov 2021 | Written by Susanna Bailey

ExpoFP, the provider of interactive floor mapping solution for exhibitions, tradeshows and other indoor B2B events and Crowd Connected, whose indoor positioning and visitor tracking technology is the market leader across the events industry, have successfully integrated their respective platforms, enabling in-app ‘blue dot’ navigation for any event using ExpoFP’s floorplan in a mobile app.

A poor wayfinding experience is costing the global exhibition industry billions every year. That’s because visitors frequently don’t find what they came for – which means fewer interactions with exhibitors. Or they don’t discover the things they didn’t even realise were at the show, further eroding the event’s value.

By combining an interactive ExpoFP floorplan with Crowd Connected’s location tracking – which positions the app user so enabling the ‘blue dot’ – organisers directly address this problem. It means visitors can find every exhibitor that interests them, and waste less time getting lost.

Additionally, organisers can benefit from Crowd Connected’s full suite of footfall analytics tools, such as performance metrics for every exhibitor at a show.

Ross Sudentas, CEO of US-based ExpoFP said: “We are delighted to partner with Crowd Connected to further enhance our visitor-facing indoor mapping proposition.

“Attendees can now not only find whatever they are looking for, via our searchable floor plan, but seamlessly navigate thanks to the ‘blue dot’”.

Mark Maydon, Commercial Director at Crowd Connected, said: “Everyone relies on the ‘blue dot’ when they are out and about, using Apple and Google maps apps on their mobile and GPS. But GPS doesn’t work in buildings, so our indoor positioning solution provides that familiar ‘blue dot’ experience – pinpointing your location.

“Without the blue dot, orienting yourself for even simple wayfinding at a tradeshow or exhibition is often hugely frustrating. We’re really excited by the integration of ExpoFP’s easy-to-use in-app floor plan with a Crowd Connected blue dot and eagerly look forward to working together to benefit exhibitions, trade shows and indoor events.”

The combined ExpoFP-Crowd Connected solution is already available to any event taking a mobile app from Grip. First deployments will happen in January 2022.

About ExpoFP

ExpoFP creates interactive floor plans to sell booths and find exhibitors. Attendees can search for exhibitors, booths & categories, view exhibitor profiles, and navigate around the show. Exhibitors can view booth availability in real-time, reserve & pay for booths online, and update their company profile with ease. And organizers can modify floor plans themselves, monetize them with advertising, and know that they are providing value to everyone participating in the event. Contact us to schedule a demo!

About Crowd Connected

Crowd Connected provides events, digital map providers and app developers with an indoor navigation system for mobile tracking, personalised engagement and footfall analytics. Contact us for more information and to see a live demo of our platforms and tools in action.

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