Live Business Intelligence

Why you should use it?

Live business intelligence on your venue. Delivering unparalleled real-time reporting brought to life via an intuitive web console. Insight enables on-site operations to be optimised, through smarter and faster decision-making.

A real-time picture of how the crowd is interacting with your environment. Insight provides a toolset that empowers event operations teams to be pro-active, not simply reactive. It provides vital real-time actionable insight into the dynamics of your event and the customer experience.

Use it to schedule staff, predict customer demand, or respond effectively to an unforeseen incident. How long is it taking for attendees to get from A to B? Where are the queues and the pinch points? Are staff deployed in the right places? Ideal for control rooms, Insight tells you what’s happening on the ground across every element of your event.

  • Rapidly get an overview of how attendees are moving around your venue via a replayable heatmap.
  • Drill down into specific component elements of your event with customisable dashboards for as many regions as you like.
  • Monitor key behavioural patterns and how they change over the course of your event.
  • Ensure key staff are kept informed via custom SMS or email alerts triggered on any metric exposed on the dashboards.

How it works

By capturing location data from mobile devices with unrivalled accuracy, Colocator Insight provides an industry-leading toolset that delivers up-to-the-minute monitoring of your attendee KPIs – where they are and what they doing.

Because our location technology is ‘always on’ we are also able to surface real-time metrics before and after your customers are inside the perimeter of your venue. How long are they taking to transit to or from your event? What modes of transport are they using? Insight quickly exposes these patterns – and more.

Key Features

  • Real-time heatmaps on custom mapping backgrounds with configurable resolution and replay functionality.

  • Create unlimited regions both onsite and offsite (on the fly not just in advance).

  • Customisable KPI dashboards combining regions as required.

  • Customisable alerts via SMS/email when certain thresholds are hit.

  • Standard format report on the event (footfall, dwell by region, etc) within 72 hours of event end.

  • Heatmap movie of the entire event (animated MPEG file).

Insight provides event operations teams with the toolset to deliver an enhanced customer experience.