Whether that’s visiting a patient in hospital or catching a flight, finding your hot desk at work or discovering the shortest queue at a festival.

For those developing mobile apps for hospitals or retail outlets, to those integrating technology for airports, attractions, stadiums or large scale events, we want to enable you to test, set up and integrate the latest and most accurate indoor and outdoor location technology platform with speed and ease and at a snip of the cost you are used to paying.


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Crowd Connected

Surrey Technology Centre

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  • Our software has been installed on 20 million smartphones
  • We support customers in 27 different countries across the globe
  • Our proprietary location data store houses over 2.5 billion data points
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Benefits of using our platform

All in one platform

Indoor positioning, footfall analytics, space utilization and customer engagement systems - all in one platform.

Easily integrated

Easily integrated using APIs, data exports, and deep integrations with indoor mapping providers.

Machine learning & Adapts to the environment it’s in

Indoor and outdoor positioning that continually self-calibrates so it always works, making it simple and low-cost.

Privacy first

Accurate background data, but only within your site.