The Basics

1Why do I need Colocator?
Colocator is an award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology that enables you to digitise the physical world. The web-based platform maps movement, harvesting location data from connected devices (smartphone, wearables, Wifi) and turns that into actionable insights into consumer behaviour, delivering unrivalled analytics and services such as geo-behavioural audience segmentation for messaging. Colocator currently consists of four SaaS modules: Insight, Engage, Analytics and Tracker. It is also available on a platform-as-a-service basis (PaaS).
2Will your solution work for my business?
Colocator can transform any business operating in the physical world with visitors – providing the level of insight that websites take for granted. We work with marketers, digital and operational teams, consultants, agencies and app developers, in a wide range of verticals including indoor and outdoor events, expos, festivals, stadia and other venues, transport and logistics. Any business with a physical presence with visitors where customer experience is a priority. Contact us here or via the chat function at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to learn more.
3Do I need an app to work with your technology?
Usually yes. Although we do work by ingesting third-party data, our standard method is to collect data from connected devices via our proprietary lightweight code library, which is straightforward to embed into an iOS or Android mobile application (e.g. the official app for an event) with near zero lines of code integration.
4Does Crowd Connected build apps?
No, we don͛'t. We integrate our technology with existing mobile apps to create a mobile sensor network.
5Do I need to use beacons for your technology to work?
No, you don͛t in an outdoor environment – that͛s one of our USPs. In an indoor environment we do use beacons, but typically at a lower density than other providers of location-based services. Setting up beacon positions within the Colocator web console is easy and intuitive.
6Does your system handle in-app push notification message delivery?
No, it doesn͛'t – we integrate bi-directionally with third-party providers (like Urban Airship or Amazon SNS) via API. Our platform originates the messages for delivery, triggered on certain behaviours.
7What do I get with Insight?
Unrivalled visualisation of key metrics as your audience interacts with your venue(s). Crucially, in real time. So, think configurable heatmaps and customisable dashboards. Use it to provide ͞eyes on the ground͟ situational awareness for optimising management of visitors and to ͞load balance͟ your event to enhance the attendee experience. For a full overview of Insight, please click here.
8What do I get with Engage?
An audience segmentation and engagement engine that delivers unparalleled geo-behavioural profiling. Use it to curate and deliver highly targeted and contextualised in-app messaging using the location history of the recipients (i.e. their activity timelines, not just their proximity to a pre-determined fixed location). It is a whole level up from proximity messaging. For a full overview of Engage, please click here.
9What do I get with Analytics?
Post-event analysis of visitor interaction with your venue using all the granular audience location data we harvest. Delivered via interactive self-service charting and/or static reports. Use it to deep dive into any defined area and/or time segment, or to replay any element to understand what happened. For a full overview of Analytics, please click here.
10What do I get with Tracker?
Seamless location monitoring of select individuals and assets. Real-time visualisation of personnel, vehicles or other valuable items. Cleverly utilises reusable and non-intrusive tags which can be attached to any badge or lanyard, leveraging a mobile sensor network. For a full overview of Tracker, please click here.


1Can I become a reseller of your technology?
Yes. We partner with a number of different businesses who act as resellers, typically working on a commission basis. Please contact us here or via the chat function at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to discuss this further.
2How much does Colocator cost?
We license Colocator on a modular basis, meaning you only pay for what you need. Once we know your requirements we can provide a quote. Please contact us here or via the chat function at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen if you͛d like further guidance.


1Doesn͛'t your SDK drain the phone͛s battery by constantly requesting location updates?
We͛'ve done a lot of work to ensure we are as battery efficient as possible. We adaptively manage sensor use to provide the accuracy required with the minimum battery drain. For example, we vary the frequency of location requests and can dial these up or down depending on whether a device is in an area we want to monitor regularly. We don͛t just use GPS, and the size of the data packets we transmit is very small.
2How many beacons will I need to deploy? And any particular type?
Outdoors, none. Indoors, it depends on the environment. We've demonstrated 5m accuracy in a 2,000 sqm exhibition space with fewer than 15 beacons. With twice as many beacons, accuracy can reach 2-3m, under ideal conditions. Colocator is iBeacon compatible.
3On what platform is Colocator hosted?
We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for our platform and data storage.
4Can I integrate your system easily with third parties?
Yes, we͛ve built Colocator as an open platform. Full system functionality is accessible via straightforward integration to a REST API. We also provide a developer portal to make it easy to use Colocator on a PaaS basis. Just contact us here or via the chat function at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to find out more.
5Can I try out your SDK in a sandbox environment?
Yes. Just contact us here or via the chat function at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to find out more.
6How accurate are the location fixes using Colocator?
Our patented technology intelligently fusing GPS, cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth Classic, and Bluetooth Low Energy data to provide unrivaled positioning accuracy. Location precision is dependent on a number of environmental factors but using a multi-sensor approach allows us typically to be accurate to 5-10m outdoors.
7At what level of granularity is the data stored?
Data is retained at a fully granular level: every position estimate for every mobile device is stored. This ͚no data loss͛ approach enables historic queries, audience segmentation and other business intelligence analytics using established big data techniques. Furthermore, analysis of this complex data in real time is possible, facilitating predictive analytics.

Legal & Regulatory

1What data protection policies do you have in place?
By default, we gather anonymised data – location histories specific to a device, not a person. We always work on a fully opt-in permission basis. We make it mandatory that any app containing our code discloses fully the practices relating to the data collection by Crowd Connected. During app install the user is required to give permission for the app to access location / WiFi / Bluetooth services. If the user chooses to opt out at this stage, Crowd Connected will be unable to collect the relevant data. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available on request.
2How secure is your data storage?
AWS, which we use for data storage, is certified to ISO27001, the international standard for Information Security Management.