Proximity Marketing

Why you should use it?

Engage is your proximity marketing tool. An audience engagement and segmentation engine that delivers unparalleled geo-targeted and trigger-based messaging capability to enhance customer experience.

To deliver high impact messages to your attendees, you need to properly understand context. Not just where individuals are currently, but where they have been and where they are heading. Engage delivers a ground-breaking new level of proximity marketing fully personalised. It enables you to segment your audience by:
  • Where someone is, where they were at a particular time or where they haven’t been.
  • How many times they have visited certain areas.
  • Any combination of location/time – without any need to pre-define geo-fence regions.
It’s an amazingly powerful proximity marketing tool which enables geo-behavioural targeting of a sophistication never previously delivered. For the first time curate and trigger attendee communications based on their activity history, not simply their proximity to a fixed location.
And because our platform’s location tracking is ‘always on’, uniquely we accurately track what recipients did after receiving a message. Welcome to the future of digital engagement.

How it works

Key Features

  • Trigger based & geo-fenced communications based on location not simply proximity.

  • Increased flexibility with no requirement to pre-define regions, either geofence or limited by fixed beacon positions.

  • Always on location data capture. Regions / times / segments can be defined on the fly or retrospectively - no need to pre-define.

  • Integrated with leader in-app messaging platforms (including Urban Airship, Capptain, AWS SNS and Gomanager).

  • Segment builder for people who are not in the area, or have never been to an area. Geo-regions of any shape and size, not just proximity based.

  • Unrivalled reporting: in-depth evaluation of messaging effectiveness.

Simple targeting using our advanced segmentation engine delivers 25% higher messaging effectiveness.