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  • Crowd Connected’s solution doesn’t need any calibration or fingerprinting. Once beacons are mapped on the floorplan, it works.

  • Crowd Connected continues working even if your premises change. The ‘SLAC’ technology continually recalibrates the system, without you having to do anything.

  • Crowd Connected includes navigation, analytics and customer experience features out of the box, included in the price.

Easy to install Sail Bluetooth beacon from Crowd Connected
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Easy to install Sail Bluetooth beacon from Crowd Connected
Steerpath Alternative

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  • Configuring the Steerpath system requires you to create dxf floorplans and upload them to the Steerpath system. These floor plans contain geo-referencing information and Bluetooth beacon positions.

  • Our indoor positioning is 100% compatible with Bluetooth beacons installed for Steerpath deployments. And we can pull all the information we need to get up and running from the dxf files.

  • So without any cost, additional installation, calibration or configuration required at your end, you can start testing Sail and Steerpath side by side.

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Low price
Steerpath Pricing

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  • We can’t directly compare our pricing, because Steerpath doesn’t publish sufficient details on their website. You’ll have to talk to them to find out how much their solutions cost.
  • We allow customers to test our technology without paying for it. Our free tier allows commercial use, and has no limit on the number of mobile devices.
  • Our pricing is available on our website. It’s simple, and fully transparent.
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Why choose Crowd Connected?

A complete solution

Get started without needing to integrate products from multiple vendors. Navigation, analytics, and customer experience, all in one platform.

A Composable solution

Easily integrated with other systems using APIs, data exports and deep integrations with indoor mapping providers.


Indoor and outdoor positioning that continually self-calibrates using machine learning so it always works, with no fingerprinting or manual calibration.

Privacy first

Accurate background data from smartphones, but only within your site. Only gather the data you need, where and when you need it.


Trusted by global brands

Highly rated by analysts and customers

Crowd Connected

Indoor Location Application Platforms

"Best in class for all location-related services like crowd management and/or proximity marketing."

"An easy product to roll out, and good clear results."

"The product is remarkable and support is amazing! When you use it you can tell that the team believes in their product and are committed to making the best response to the market's needs."

Updated 16/11/2022

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