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Looking for Situm alternatives?

Signup for a free account, and start exploring Sail. No payment or credit card required, and no expiry. The only limitation is a single floorplan.

Once you’ve submitted your details, you’ll get an email with your password and a login link. If you don’t receive it, add no-reply@crowdconnected.com to you contacts and check your spam folder.

Why Sail is a better alternative to Situm

Sail is free to try, with no time limit, and no limit on the number of users, the number of beacons, or the size of your floorplan.

Sail doesn’t need any calibration or fingerprinting. Once beacons are mapped on the floorplan, it works.

It continues working even if your premises change. The ‘SLAC’ technology continually recalibrates the system, without you having to do anything.

Paid plans are available on a simple subscription model, with no up front commitment. See our simple pricing plans below.

Our location software is trusted by global brands

Live Nation
Roskilde Festival
Transport for London
Free forever
Free Trial
1 Floorplan
Unlimited Area
Unlimited MAUs
Limited email support
$/€55/month per 1000 m2
Monthly Contract
Unlimited Floorplans
Below 3000 m2
Unlimited MAUs
Limited email support
Annual Contract
Unlimited Floorplans
3000 m2 to 40,000 m2
Unlimited MAUs
Full support
$/€0.05/year per m2
Annual Contract
Unlimited Floorplans
40,000 m2 to 300,000 m2
Unlimited MAUs
Full support
$/€Contact Us
Annual Contract
Unlimited Floorplans
Over 300,000 m2
Unlimited MAUs
Managed Service

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Wifi RTT Enabled Indoor Positioning Platform

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Sail Indoor Positioning Logo

Sail Indoor Positioning

The Sail Indoor Positioning Solution allows you to sign up, configure, and download an app to evaluate the technology for free in a day.

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Indoor Positioning Technology Review 2022

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