Set up your Attendee Tracking Solution in a matter of hours

Set up your Attendee Tracking Solution in a matter of hours
08 Dec 2023 | Written by Jon Squire
Attendee Tracking Events

Our new solution for business events could not be simpler to deploy. Other solutions on the market require power and network at multiple points. Our system needs only a single power point and ethernet connection for one gateway. The beacons and tags are all battery powered making our solution the easiest to deploy and cheapest to run.

No onsite surveys or IT required.

Step 1 Designate places

A place is a defined space at your event that you want to monitor and record attendees visiting. Typically this will be where sessions are going to be attended. But it could equally be a networking area or exhibition space. The proviso here is it needs to be constructed of walls of a reasonable thickness, along with a ‘moat’ - a vacuum of people adjacent to the walls.

You can have as few as one place or as many places as you like. And for each place you can have as many blocks of times (sessions) as you like, which can be bulk uploaded to our platform.

Step 2 Add your sessions or other timed slots

A quick upload is all that is required to add every session you want to track. Prepare your agenda information in standardized CSV format: name, place, start time, end time. There’s no issue at all if there are last minute changes to the schedule. You can individually add/delete/edit sessions as required, from within our web console.

Step 3 Connect a gateway

Typically one gateway per level is needed to transmit tag sighting data to our cloud-based platform. The actual number of gateways is dependent on the size and layout of your event. Gateways come preconfigured. They just require power and a wired ethernet connection (with failover to cell connectivity). Once plugged in, you can quickly check if a gateway is online and transmitting using our web console.

Step 4 Install the connected beacons

Our scanning app makes it easy to associate the connected beacons with a place. You can do this on the fly from your handheld device, as you move around the conference venue installing beacons as you go. Each place that you want to monitor requires a minimum of one connected beacon. For a larger space this might be, say, 10 connected beacons. Scan each one and choose its associated place from the list in the app. Or add a new place. Then fix to the wall using supplied 3M Command strips at a distance of approximately 8 meters from the nearest beacon.

Step 5 Assign tags to badges

Each attendee is assigned with a tag, attached to their badge or lanyard. Our double scanning app makes the pairing simple to perform, either before the event if badges are pre-prepared, or as badges are issued on-demand on site. Just scan the QR code on the Tag, then the barcode or QR code on the badge (in either order) to pair them. The app confirms successful assignment, which can also be seen on our web console.


Live reporting

For any individual place (or filtered list of places), get a read-out of the tags currently being detected. Search for a specific tag ID or attendee ID (which typically will be either the badge or registration system identifier for an individual). - Have I paired the correct number of tags to attendee badges? - Are all the tags working? Quickly get the answers via our web console. Or even unassign a tag from an attendee pairing.

Session attendance reporting

Export reports at the push of the button. For any session that has finished, generate a list of all those that attended and their dwell times. Or filter by place for all sessions that took place there. View the list in the console, and download as a CSV. Use the attendeeID to map the to your registration data.

Final step Recycle, ready for the next event

Get attendees to return their badges so that you can collect the tags. Retrieve the connected beacons and the gateways. Return the kit to us, while you continue to have access to our web console and the reporting outputs – for as long as you require.

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