June 2022 Product Update

June 2022 Product Update
07 Jun 2022 | Written by Susanna Bailey
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June 2022 Product Update

We are constantly developing our technology, based on market needs and specific requirements from our customers, in our mission to make indoor positioning more accessible for every real life experience in today and tomorrow’s world.

We have two new product updates we are excited to tell you about.

  1. Location Tracker

Scheduled for imminent release, with a first customer deployment in June 2022.

The new tracker feature is an entirely new product module, and allows individual users to be tracked for the first time. Applications include staff tracking, vehicle tracking, and visitor tracking.

Our next generation platform, in use since the start of 2022, has not previously enabled any tracking at an individual level. The entire platform is designed with privacy considerations, and individual tracking needs to be implemented very carefully to ensure all privacy concerns are addressed.

A number of customers have enquired about staff tracking and visitor tracking capability, and the release of this new product module meets those requirements, but in an entirely secure way. The mobile app must provide a specific tracking ID to our mobile SDK before tracking at an individual level is possible. And the tracking ID can be permanently deleted at any time. This means that the ability to track individuals can be limited, and can be switched on and off. The system has been built with privacy firmly in mind.

Use cases include tracking location and ensuring safety of lone workers as well as driving efficiencies within buildings to distribute staff based on who is nearby that specific location.

Festival organisers will use these new features to provide a valuable new public safety feature. Attendees will be able to use the festival’s mobile app to summon assistance from on site security and safety teams. Those teams will be able to use the location tracking feature to respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

  1. Beacon Management

Our indoor positioning has always relied on Bluetooth beacons. These are easy to install and maintain, but we’ve recently added a number of features to make installing and managing beacons even easier.

Monitoring Our web console indicates when beacons were last seen by app users. This can help identify beacons that are not functioning, and also beacon codes that have been incorrectly entered, so they can be fixed or replaced.

Battery Where supported by beacon manufacturers, our web console displays the battery level of each beacon. This information is reported by mobile app users via our standard SDK.

Coverage Our console provides a coverage map, which indicates the likely level of positioning accuracy based on the precise layout of the beacon install.

Status The web console allows users to assign a status flag to each beacon. These include installed, removed, needs attention, and missing.

Tablet UI The beacon management section of our web UI has been optimised for use on touch screen devices. Using iPads or other tablets to map beacons as they are installed (or for monitoring surveys) greatly speeds up the process.

Deployment rates in excess of 40 beacons per hour are possible for a team of two installers, thanks to these recent enhancements to our beacon management system.

If you’d like more information about these new features or a demo of our new platform, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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