2017 Festival Insights

2017 Festival Insights

(Some of) what we learnt last year

In 2017 our Colocator location intelligence software was deployed at over 50 festivals around the world, delivering location-based insight and services using data crowdsourced from mobile phones. By turning the crowd into a huge connected sensor network, we accurately and reliably map the crowd’s movement – crucially, in real time.

As a result, we collect an awful lot of data (in excess of 1.2 billion data points, to put a figure on it).

And in between tucking into the Christmas turkey and unwrapping the odd present, we’ve trawled this vast data pool and uncovered a few nuggets, such as:

  • How many miles the average festivalgoer covers a day
  • How much time is spent listening to music versus visiting sponsor activations
  • How many visits to food and drink outlets

It’s all captured in the infographic below which you can also download as a PDF hereInfographic Festival Insights 2017Infographic Festival Insights 2017re.


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What’s Next?

Read our Latitude Festival Case Study to learn how Colocator was used to drive festivalgoers’ engagement.

Mark Maydon
Mark Maydon
Mark Maydon is Director at Crowd Connected.

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