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COVID-19 has rewritten the rule book for live events.

22 Mar 2021 | Written by Mark Maydon

COVID-19 has rewritten the rule book for live events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an economic and human catastrophe, and it’s far from over.

But with the adoption of mass testing and rapid roll-out of vaccines, we’re optimistic of a restart for live events in the coming months. There may be more bumps in the road ahead. But despite all the uncertainty, now is the time to prepare.

Simply repeating a previously successful formula won’t wash. In many ways, it will be like putting on the show for the first time.

A successful restart for physical shows is critical for the industry. And just as critical for Crowd Connected. We’re all about bringing digital tools to the real-world environment. So, unlike many technology providers, we haven’t benefited from the enforced pivot to virtual events.

Put another way, we’re in this together.

Our entire team has spent the last year making our technology better address the return to live. It is our belief that smart operators will turn to digital tools to underpin event operations, tightly integrated with the face-to-face experience.

We are convinced that this latest generation of digital tools, which enable physical events to gather valuable data on their customers, is fundamental to future success. Data has been the lifeblood of digital businesses. In a post-pandemic world, it will be critical for face-to-face events.


Understanding visitor behaviour as it happens is critical for:

  • Real-time visitor experience management
  • Personalising visitor communications
  • Footfall analytics (e.g. for commercial partnership reporting)

It can also help organisers meet relevant guidance and adhere to new regulations.

COVID-19 has torn up the rule book. And so have we when it comes to pricing.

We’ve introduced a ‘return to live’ guarantee.

  1. Zero upfront cost - Pay in instalments, post event.
  2. No event, no fee - Whatever the reason for cancellation.
  3. Best price guaranteed - Discounts automatically applied. No need to ask.

We’re going the extra mile to mitigate, as far as possible, your risk in using our services.

By doing all this, we hope we demonstrate an understanding of the scale of the challenges you face.

And that we’re on your side.

To find out more about how Crowd Connected can help you with the return to live, contact us.

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