Wifi RTT Enabled Indoor Positioning Platform

Colocator is Wifi RTT enabled

An exciting milestone for Indoor Positioning. Wifi RTT is now fully integrated into our location platform, and we recently demonstrated end to end indoor positioning - locating an Android P phone on our real-time mapping interface, using four Wifi RTT responders in our office.

colocator indoor positioning platform

Here’s the process we followed to enable our location platform to process wifi RTT signals for indoor positioning:

  • We set up 4 wifi RTT access points in our office. (We used these access points from compulab).
  • We clicked on the four AP locations on our mapping console - entering the MAC address of each access point.
  • We started a demo app containing our latest (wifi RTT enabled) SDK on an Android phone that supports RTT (in this case a Pixel).

And that’s it! The image shows orange dots where the access points were located. And the red dot is the real-time position of the pixel.

For a quick accuracy test we located the pixel on desks around the office - in 7 known locations, and then compared the location generated by our indoor positioning algorithm. End result, better than 2m error. In fact getting down towards one meter RMSE.

So that’s it. Colocator offers better than 2m indoor positioning, using Wifi RTT signals.

James Cobb
James Cobb
James Cobb is the founder & CEO of Crowd Connected.

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