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Analytics Queries: Colocator’s new spatial query builder

01 Apr 2019 | Written by Mark Maydon

Announcing Colocator’s new Query Builder

At Crowd Connected we’ve always provided multiple ways to turn underlying location data into insight. For some use cases our interactive charting provides a quick way to explore customer behaviour. Companies with in house BI teams can export visit-based summaries in csv format for use in BI tools. And operations teams can have daily reports generated.

But sometimes if you have a custom query you need answering, then the standard reports and the standard charts won’t work. If it’s a business critical question, you may have to look to an in house or external analyst. If you’re just curious, the question may well go unanswered.

Building a new query

You can combine these queries with AND and OR logic, building up complex ‘where and when’ queries that define particular customer behaviours.

Conventional wisdom is that when it comes to analytics, tools can be quick and intuitive, or they can be powerful. At Crowd Connected, we want our location data tools to be both. And so we created a new query builder for location data. It’s an intuitive, natural language spatial query builder - running on top of our Segmentation Engine. The same engine is used across much of our platform, but hidden from view. The query builder exposes this powerful segmentation engine to our users, with an intuitive front end.

You can find out how many app users were ‘Present, in an area, between two times, for at least a minimum dwell’, just by making selections in a series of drop downs.

Multiple metrics are available, including total number of visits, dwell times, and number of unique users

History of previously run queries

The new interface is completely self-service, so operations, commercial and marketing teams can get the answers they need about visitor behaviour without needing analysts, or knowledge of BI tools. It will be immediately familiar to users of our Engage message segment builder, as it’s built on just the same principles.

The new feature has been in beta testing with some of our key clients during Q1 2019, and is released to all customers in Q2.

Harnessing the power of mobile location data

A talk given recently by our Commercial Director, Mark Maydon, at a seminar hosted by leading international lawyers, Bird & Bird. The seminar addressed how sports businesses are embracing digital techniques to better understand, influence and engage with customers.

Colocator Engage Product Update

‘Engage’ is our push notification targeting platform, built for live events and visitor attractions. 2019 sees some significant enhancements, available to all our customers.

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