Post Event Evaluation & Analytics

Why you should use it?

Review your event and the crowd’s interaction with your venue in depth. Evaluate your customers’ behaviour for any combination of time and area: what they were doing, where they went and how long they spent.

To plan, manage and optimise your future events, you need actionable insight & post event evaluation. Analytics surfaces key metrics such as footfall and dwell time – applied to any region or combination of regions that you might want to define – so that you can quickly determine the relative attractiveness and stickiness of every component of your event. Providing a level of intelligence never before available, the Analytics module combines post-event reporting and amazing self-service tools. That enables you to ‘slice and dice’ the location data harvested by Colocator to make educated business decisions.

  • Identify strengths and weak spots – not only which elements drew the biggest audiences, but their relative popularity.
  • Deep dive into the audience movements at a micro level to pinpoint the most valuable locations within your event. Could the layout be improved?
  • Replay your event via an animated heatmap to spot trends or highlight key incidents.
  • Inform strategic, transformative change and increase customer satisfaction at future events

How it works

Key Features

  • Post event reporting on unlimited regions: Key attractions by popularity, ingress / egress analysis & audience profiling.

  • Interactive data analytics tool enabling drill down into any KPI.

  • Online interactive scrollable and zoomable heatmap movie of your event.

  • Export of raw location data available on request.

  • Custom post-event reporting (e.g. sponsor activation).

  • Post-event data storage and 24/7 console access.

Harnessing the true power of location intelligence, analytics enables you to evalurate every aspect of your event via an amazing suite of reporting.