We’re not against online shopping, virtual events, or social media. They’re convenient. But we believe there’s something special about being physically present. And we're helping make those real-world experiences even better, by seamlessly connecting the digital and physical worlds.

Make every leisure trip perfect

Imagine every trip to a museum or theme park was perfect. No frustration - just a day of finding everything you want at the perfect time, with short queues, and no down-time.

Make store visits as easy as online shopping

Imagine never visiting a store and coming away without finding all the items you’d hoped to look at.

Make hospital trips stress free

Imagine trips to a hospital with no anxiety - without getting lost, or being worried about getting to appointments on time.

Reduce time wasted hunting down equipment

Imagine doctors and hospital porters being able to quickly find everything they need to deliver the very best patient care, without ever having the frustration of having to hunt down equipment.

Get responders where they need to be quicker.

Imagine security teams knowing exactly where you are, when you call for help.

Make business meetings and exhibitions more productive

Imagine never leaving an exhibition or conference having failed to have every one of the meetings you’d envisaged.

Smart Experiences

We’re building smart, scalable solutions to make these perfect experiences a reality everywhere.

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Crowd Connected

Surrey Technology Centre

Telephone 01483 685970

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Why Crowd Connected?

All in one platform

Indoor positioning, footfall analytics, space utilization, customer engagement, staff tracking, asset tracking - all in one platform.

Easily integrated

Easily integrated using APIs, data exports, and deep integrations with indoor mapping providers.


Indoor and outdoor positioning that continually self-calibrates so it always works, making it simple and low-cost.

Privacy first

Accurate background data, but only when and where it's needed. Minimise data collection to meet best practice privacy compliance.

Built for developers

Connecting digital apps with real-world experiences requires the integration of indoor positioning, footfall analytics, space utilisation, asset tracking, staff tracking and customer engagement systems.

To get up and running quickly, Crowd Connected provides all these systems in one single platform. To provide a lasting solution, it’s a platform that is highly extensible with an open data architecture and versatile integration options.

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