About us

Crowd Connected is a ground-breaking UK technology business that is pioneering a new generation of location intelligence

The number of “things” connecting to the Internet is rising exponentially, generating a bewildering quantity of data. The key to unlocking value from this big, fast data stream is context. It is the location element of the data that provides context. But not just the here and now. Real context requires another dimension: location history – the trajectory record of each connected device.

We are already a global leader in the fast developing IoT subcategory known as the “location of things”. Whereas others might map location – or perhaps more limited proximity –we map movement.

We’ re different. We adopt an ‘always on’ approach.
Our multi-award winning cooperative localisation platform, Colocator, uses patented techniques to intelligently gather, process and analyse location data from connected devices, such as smartphones. On top of this platform we’ ve built a suite of real time location intelligence software.

Our tech may be super smart. But the benefits we deliver are simple.

Data and analytics are the lifeblood of effective customer understanding and engagement. For businesses that operate in the physical world, we provide an incredible end-to-end solution that turns IoT location data trails into hugely valuable insight, and facilitates any number of location based services. Crucially in real time.

Discover how Colocator can transform your business.