Learn how location-awareness can transform your business

Critical Wayfinding Indoors

Hospitals, universities and airports could save up to $1 million per building by improving wayfinding.

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Navigating Events

Exhibitions and business events can deliver 20% more value to visitors and exhibitors by improving wayfinding and discovery.

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People Tracking

Buildings and venues can keep visitors and staff safer by knowing exactly where they are when they need help.

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Asset Tracking

Hospitals can reduce capex significantly by making sure staff can always find the nearest available wheelchairs, pumps, and other equipment.

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Indoor Positioning and Location SDK

  • A single mobile SDK for indoor + outdoor positioning and location-based services.

  • A single platform for location analytics and customer experience solutions.

  • A single beacon installation for smartphone location and wearable / asset tracking.

Complex code required for mobile app programming
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Complex code required for mobile app programming

Why choose Crowd Connected?

A complete solution

Get started without needing to integrate products from multiple vendors. Navigation, analytics, and customer experience, all in one platform.

A Composable solution

Easily integrated with other systems using APIs, data exports and deep integrations with indoor mapping providers.


Indoor and outdoor positioning that continually self-calibrates using machine learning so it always works, with no fingerprinting or manual calibration.

Privacy first

Accurate background data from smartphones, but only within your site. Only gather the data you need, where and when you need it.


Trusted by global brands

Highly rated by analysts and customers

Crowd Connected

Indoor Location Application Platforms

"Best in class for all location-related services like crowd management and/or proximity marketing."

"An easy product to roll out, and good clear results."

"The product is remarkable and support is amazing! When you use it you can tell that the team believes in their product and are committed to making the best response to the market's needs."

Updated 16/11/2022

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